Lexington, Ky
Bryan Station Historical Marker
Camping place in 1775-76 of the brothers Morgan, James, William and Joseph Bryan. In 1779 it was fortified as a station which in Aug. 1782 repelled a siege of Indians and Canadians under Captain William Caldwell and Simon Girty.
Siege of Bryan Station, Aug 1782
Battle of Blue Licks, Aug 1782
Col. Cave Johnson reminiscences of his association with the Bryan's.
1759 Rowan County NC Militia List
Morgan BRYAN  to  Eddie BRYANT

Morgan Bryan  m.  Martha Strode  8th G-Grandparents
 |  Link: Morgan's Last Will and Testament
 |  Link: Bryan's mentioned in records of the Moravians in N.C.
Joseph Bryan  m.  Alice Linville  7th G-Grandparents
 |  Link: Joseph's Last Will and Testament
 |  Link: Joseph's Family
Mary Bryan  m.  Cornelius Howard  6th G-Grandparents
 |  Note: Sister, Rebecca Bryan  m. Col. Daniel Boone
 |  Note: Sister, Martha Bryan  m. Daniel's bro. Edward Boone
 |  Note: Uncle, William Bryan  m. Daniel's sis. Mary Boone
Susannah Howard  m.  Vincent Garner  5th G-Grandparents
Cornelius Garner  m.   ?      4th G-Grandparents
Matilda Garner  m.  Joseph C. Smith  3rd G-Grandparents
Malinda Smith  m.  Wm. Abner Bryant  GG-Grandparents
William Robert Bryant  m.  Sarah Haste  G-Grandparents
Eddie T. Bryant  m.  Bethel Lee Gill  Grandparents
Edwood F. Bryant  m.  Muriel M. Wright  Parents
Edwood F. Bryant Jr.  m.  Beryl Stovall  Eddie

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