Do you have old photos of the Lufkin area you feel would be of broad interest to others, and would like to share them through this web site? I'm looking for those of historical value such as old landmark buildings, structures and etc, including but not limited to, businesses, homes, schools and etc. What seems old to some may feel more recent to others, so it's difficult to establish a hard-set time line. However, the older the better! Therefore, I'm looking for material pre-dating 1975. Geographically, I would like to keep Lufkin and Angelina County as the central topic, but will welcome material from the adjoining counties of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Jasper, Tyler, Polk, Trinity, Houston & Cherokee.

I prefer high-resolution scans via email attachments, but will accept photocopies of your originals via U.S. mail. Please do not send anything to be returned without sending return postage along with your photos copies. Personally, I would never let my original photos leave my sight, and I strongly advise that you do not either.

I have a high-speed DSL internet connection and can handle rather large email attachments, but should you have multiple scans to send, please email one attachment at a time. Please include as much info as you know about names, dates, locations & etc. You will be given credit for your submissions unless you request otherwise.

Eddie Bryant
103 August Lane
Lufkin, TX 75904

Ray's Drive In Cafe 1950's-60's - Original name was The Dairy Kreme.
Ray's Cafe - Not to be confused with Ray's Drive In Cafe! Originally named Ray's and later, Bertha's. Located just about where Knight Motors car lot is today. .
Read's Broiler Burger - The original metal building was built in the old Read Tin Shop & trucked to the Timberland at Denman location.
Pioneer Drive In Cafe - Timberland at Denman, where Bryan's Barbecue is today.
Sadler's Smokehouse - Corner of Paul and Timberland where the A-1 Pawn Shop is today.
Cherry's Cafe on South First St. Later, Iona's & now Morales' Mexican Food Resturant.
Ruby Cafe - and other old downtown eat-a-bites.
Boles Grocery - Timberland Drive, where Ames Fried Chicken is today.
Sharkey's Market - Timberland Drive, where the Army & Navy Store is today.
S&T MiniMax or Mini Market? - Denman & Chestnut (Two Point)
Brookshire Bros, Piggly Wiggly, QP and any other early downtown Lufkin food markets.
Pines, Lynn, Texan & Lincoln Movie Theaters - Panther & Redland Drive Inn Theaters.
Texan, Noble, Cash, Rexall, Cavenaugh and any other old downtown Drug Stores.
Livery Stable and Cotton Gin - Both downtown.
The Palace - and any other old downtown Barber Shops.
Gasoline Service Stations - Remember when they were called "Service" Stations, and why?
Schools and Churches - Angelina, and the adjoining counties.

I will add to this wish list from time to time. Anything about old downtown Lufkin is of great interest to me. Please help out with this project if you can.


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