1759 Rowan County Militia List

From the Military Collection of the Treasurers and Comptroller's Papers at the North Carolina Archives is a list of Rowan County men who fought to defend the area against Indian attack. Most of the men served only a few days and were paid a few shillings for their service. The list, however, serves as an adjunct to the 1759 Rowan County Tax Lists published in Wills and Estates Records of Rowan County, North Carolina and Tax Lists of 1759 and 1778. More than half the names on this list do not appear on the 1759 Rowan Tax List. Those names are identified with an asterisk. In the abstract presented here the sums for payment and number of days served are omitted. The document serves to place many persons on the frontier in 1759.

"May 25th 1759. The Publick of North Carolina to Morgan Bryan to to Scouts Sent Out on the Alarm of *William Pincher's being Killed by the Indians."

Morgan Bryan, Capt.
Jacob Randill
Jacob Everhart
Gasper Smith
*Lodwick Widiner
*Devalt Cross
*Gabriel Enochs
Andw Smith, Lt.
James Smith, Ens.
Benjamin Merrell,
private men James McCoy
John Hunt
*John Vancleft
*James Howell
*Jacob Young
Robert Ward
*Abram Blitcher
*William Thomson
*Benja Pierson
*William Hill
John Stilwell
Josiah Rounssvall
*Paul Whistonhurst
John Freeman

Thomas Evans, Lieut.
Daniel Little, Serg.
*William Hargis
*Michael Peeler
John Hampton Conrod Michael
*Jess Lumb
*Jacob Brown
*Doras Feltmott
*Christian Eller
Michael Waller
George Smith
*Mark House
Peter Smith
John Admire
*Paul Biffle
Jacob Arand
*John Catcher
*Jereniah Bailey
Joseph Hartman

"25 April 1759.  The Publick of North Carolina to Morgan Bryan to a Scout
sent Out in the Alarm of *Daniel Hossey & Others being Killed..."

Morgan Bryan, Lt.
*William Bryan
*John Boone
*Danl Boone
*John Dunklin
*William Grant
Henry Hunter
*David Jones
*Alexander Shoults
*Danl Shoults
*Elias Turner

"A Scout sent Out by the Order of Col. Alexdr Ozburn & Major Dunn"

Morgan Bryan, Capt.
*Hugh McCreary, Lt.
Phillip Howard, Ensign
Jeremiah Green, Sergt
*John Stanfort
*Henry Miller
*Abram Berriger
*Arthur Oneal
*Robt Osburn
William Shannon
David Enochs
Michael Younker
*John Reed
William Whitaker
Samuel Nicholson
*Charles Berriger
John Blanketpickler
Frederick Goss
*samuel Tate
William Frank
Hance Liken
*Phillip Miller
William Silvers
*Peter Joseph
*Thomas Silvers
Phillip Sower
*Michael Leagel
*William Rymer
Jacob Sink


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